Hello, I’m Scott Hutcheson. For over 30 years I’ve been helping people design, grow, and strategically transform organizations, communities, and ecosystems to make them more adaptive, innovative, and competitive. I’m a professor of organizational leadership at Purdue University and through Hutcheson Associates, my colleagues, partners, and I engage with leaders in companies, organizations, and communities, here in the US and across the world. We help them increase their capacity to grow, to tackle complex challenges, and achieve their priority strategic outcomes. We’ve worked with over 500 organizations and communities…

…from The White House and Fortune 100 companies

…to 100-year-old local businesses and brand-new tech start ups

…from global nonprofits and large universities

…to rural towns and small communities of faith

Despite the scale and specific contexts, the common threads running through all these engagements are related to leaders facing complexities they can’t control and a realization that their traditional tools and approaches are not working. This is where our work is most valuable.

We’d love to learn more about the challenges you face, the strategic outcomes you are working toward, and together explore how we might be able to help. Connect with us!

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Meet Our Team


Daniel Madren

Daniel is an MBA student at Purdue University, where he studies organizational leadership, human resources management, and design and innovation. He is also a StrategicDoing Practitioner. You can learn more about Daniel here.

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Henry Hutcheson

Henry is an undergraduate at Purdue studying data analytics and visualization. We bring Henry in on projects to help leaders make better sense of data as they guide their organizations, communities, and ecosystems toward their strategic outcomes. Learn more about Henry here.

Mike Van ter Sluis Headshot

Michael Van ter Sluis

Michael is certified in both Strategic Doing and the AEM-Cube. He's also a Strategic Doing Fellow Candidate and helps us teach our Strategic Doing Masterclass. Learn more about Michael here.

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Darshini Render

Darshini is certified practitioner of both Strategic Doing and the AEM-Cube. She is also a Strategic Doing Fellow Candidate, preparing to teach Strategic Doing. You can learn more about Darshini here.