Hutcheson Associates specializes in two primary strategy services. We are certified practitioners of Strategic Doing, an agile, iterative, and collaborative approach to strategy. We can also conduct research to help you make better-informed strategic decisions.    

Strategic DoingNot only is Scott a co-author of Strategic Doing: Ten Skills for Agile Leadership, he and his associates are also Certified Strategic Doing Workshop Leaders. This means they can work with you to design a strategy process that will result in you making near-immediate progress on your organization or community’s strategic outcomes. Whether you have a small team with one strategic focus area, a large enterprise moving forward on a number of fronts, or a local or regional economy trying to align multiple organizations and agendas toward a shared future, Hutcheson Associates can design and guide a Strategic Doing engagement that will deliver results.

Hutcheson Associates’ Strategic Doing services include both pilots and large-scale transformation initiatives. In a pilot, you’ll work with one of our Certified Strategic Doing Practitioners, typically, on a single strategic issue over the course of three to four months. In a large-scale transformation initiative, you can address multiple strategic focus areas. An initiative can last anywhere from three months to a year. You will likely work with a team of our Certified Strategic Doing Practitioners on a large-scale initiative. You can learn more about both pilots and transformation initiatives by clicking below.

The Strategic Doing Pilot

The Strategic Doing Transformation Initiative


Hutcheson Associates has expertise in the application of analytical tools to provide you with key insights that help better align your people to your strategic outcomes.

Did you know that your contribution to growth, innovation, and transformation is almost as unique as your fingerprint? What if you could visualize your strategic contributions and have the right language to help you communicate your strategic value? can with our new Strategic Contribution Assessment! Based on tools available from Human Insight we can provide you with your personalized Strategic Contribution Assessment

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