Vier Jahreszeiten

Whether as individuals, organizations, communities, or economies, most of us are interested in continued growth. Growth may mean something different to different people and organizations and at various stages in our personal and organizational lives. For many, growth means getting bigger or creating more wealth. For others, the motivation to grow is to increase our capacity to bring about social change or improve the quality of life for others.

Growth, in all its forms and contexts follows a predictable pattern, a pattern that is reflected in nature. Every organization, every community, every economic region, is in a specific stage of growth. Some feel the newness of spring, either their first, and they are chirping away like baby birds; or they are emerging from a long nap, ready for a new cycle of continued growth. For others, it is summer. The seeds they planted in spring have taken root and they are joyously reaping the earliest benefit of their springtime labor. Others are enjoying a bountiful fall harvest. There is enough for everyone. For some, it is winter. Provisions are being depleted daily and there is worry about how long their resources will sustain them. This may be their first winter or one of many they've endured. Still, however, they wonder if they will live to see another spring. Some do. Some do not.

Sustainable growth occurs when organization, communities, regional economies, or ecosystems have the agility to jump to a new growth curve. But how can you tell where you are and know when need to starting thinking about that jump? Our Growth Curve is an analytical assessment that helps organizational and civic leaders pinpoint where their organizations, communities, regional economies, or ecosystems are on their current growth curve. The assessment and analysis can help inform strategic decisions like:

  • What is likely coming next for us and what should we start doing or stop doing to prepare for it?
  • Where are we in terms of the maximum value of this growth curve? Is it behind us, still ahead, or are we in the midst of it?
  • How much are we at risk of compromising our values and integrity or derailing entirely?
  • What kind of people do we need to lead us into the next phase of our growth?
  • When should we be thinking about “jumping” to our next growth curve?

We can work with you and your leadership team to customize an Our Growth Curve assessment and analysis that will help inform your decisions about the strategic direction of your organization, your community, or your regional economy. The Our Growth Curve service can include the following:

Self Assesment

Data is gathered from 25-100 individuals who are “inside” your organization,community,or regional economy. For organizations this could include representatives from your leadership team, board of directors, and employees. For a community or region this could include elected officials, corporate leadership, K-12 and higher education leadership, and others. We will work closely with you to determine the appropriate size and targets.

Feedback Assessment

Data is gathered from 25-100 individuals who are “outside” yet familiar with your organization, community,or regional economy. For organizations this could include those representing customers, suppliers, partner organizations, even competitors. For a community or region, this could include site selectors and corporate leadership from outside your community or region but with interests in your community or region. This could also include certain professionals that represent a larger geographic area that includes yours (real estate agents, for instance.) We will work closely with you to determine the appropriate size and targets as well.

360 Assessment

This component of the assessment is one of the most interesting-comparing the data from those inside, with those outside.

Strategic Insights Workshop

This is a 90 to 120-minute interactive workshop for you and 10-12 people of your choosing, typically members of your leadership team, board of directors, key advisors. In this workshop you and your team will review the data, including visualization of the data, and be led in a discussion about the insights gained from the assessment and analysis and how those insights might inform your strategic decisions.