Are you setting “zesty” goals?

We really like this thinking from Ron Ashkenas. He urges leaders to set “zesty goals.” These are goals that are short term, high priority, and challenging – goals for which there is a sense that they must be achieved! This is not too dissimilar to the notion of looking for the “Big Easy” that we refer to…

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Strategic Doing in Healthcare

Hello. If you’ve found your way here, chances are it is as a result of an online course in which you were introduced to Strategic Doing in the context of the complex, often “wicked,” problems associated with healthcare. You were promised more information about how you could continue learning about Strategic Doing as a discipline…

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Strategic Doing for Faith Communities

people sitting around a table holding hands

At the heart of the Strategic Doing discipline is connection – how we connect with one another so that we can think and do together. When we connect we are able to get more done, to innovate, and to accelerate transformation in our organizations, our communities, and for our planet. What Is Strategic Doing? Strategic Doing…

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Strategic Diversity powered by AEM-Cube

Strategic Diversity

Strategy, growth, and innovation are team sports, not solo ventures. Complex undertakings like these require a variety of ideas, mindsets, and areas of expertise to achieve results. This required variety doesn’t rest within the mind or experiences of an individual. Groups, organizations, and even groups of organizations have a much better chance of designing the…

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Agile Leadership

Our companies, our communities, and our planet are facing unprecedented challenges – challenges that will not be solved by a small group of people from a single entity. Today’s leaders need a new mindset and skillset designed to harness the power of collaborative networks. These networks span the boundaries that are holding us back: organizational…

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Strategic Doing

Strategy, as an organizational discipline, got its real start with the military – the term comes from a Greek word meaning “generalship.”  Fast forward a few millennia, and we know it best in the context of “strategic planning,” a field that got a big boost in the 50s and 60s as it was introduced in…

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Strategy: Map or App?

I’ve been in London part of this week for business. The first time I visited was in 1998. Navigating the city was much different back then compared to now. You could pick up a foldable map of the London Underground and try your best to select the best route to your destination. You could also,…

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We Don’t Care What It Says On Your Business Card

man holding out business card

Picture this scene. There’s a wicked problem that needs addressing and you’ve been invited to a meeting to consider a set of responses. As everyone gets settled, the organizer requests, “If you’ve brought business cards with you today, could you please get one out.” You reach for yours, noticing the sturdy feel of the cardstock…

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We’ve been looking into the research related to “wayfinding,” the navigational symbols and language used to help people navigate unfamiliar places like city centers, airports, and hospitals. FYI, many European cities do this better that we do in the US. The big lesson learned is that a visitor does not need to know what the…

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Want Your Organization to be a “Virtuoso”​ Performer?

Yo-Yo Ma

At the Purdue Agile Strategy Lab we are working with virtuoso cellist Yo-Yo Ma; and doing so is helping us better understand agility. In fact, Yo-Yo has written the forward to our new book, Strategic Doing: Ten Skills for Agile Leadership (Wiley) available May 7, 2019. Part of what makes a great musician a…well…great musician, is their brain’s…

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