Certified Strategic Doing Workshop Leader Practicum

Individuals who successfully complete the Strategic Doing Masterclass offered by Hutcheson Associates are considered Strategic Doing Practitioners and may begin using the discipline right away! Most practitioners choose to continue developing their mastery of the discipline by completing an optional (but highly encouraged) practicum to become Certified Workshop Leaders. This Certified Workshop Leader training is offered by the Strategic Doing Institute and administered by the University of North Alabama.

Those completing the masterclass may enroll in the Certified Workshop Leader practicum at no additional cost. The cost is included in the fee paid for the masterclass. The Certified Workshop Leader practicum, however, must be started within one year of completing the masterclass. Those enrolling after the first year, will be required to pay an additional fee to the Strategic Doing Institute.

After completing the Certified Workshop Leader training, Strategic Doing Practitioners will have put their new skills into practice by developing and delivering a Strategic Doing “workshop.”

Strategic Doing workshops are sessions in which groups work on an identified challenge, develop a strategic outcome with measurable characteristics, pick a starting (or “Pathfinder”) project, and create an action plan that includes responsibilities for each member of the group – all within a two to three-hour block of time. When the session is over, the leader’s work is not – they follow up by creating a Strategic Action Plan and leading the group in a “30/30” meeting – a re-gathering 30 days later for the group to assess progress over the last 30 days, adjust as needed, and create a new action plan for the next 30 days.

To be certified, a Strategic Doing practitioner:

  • develops and carries out a plan for a workshop
  • creates and delivers a 10-15 minute overview presentation
  • collects and reflects on feedback from the session from participants
  • submits a portfolio of documentation related to the workshop

Participants have access to an experienced mentor to provide guidance and feedback during the certification process.

The Strategic Doing Institute oversees and administers the certification process.  (see course listings to find a session). Certified Workshop Leaders receive a digital credential to put on social media, websites, etc., and are listed here. Certification lasts for two years and can be renewed.

Certified Strategic Doing Workshop Leaders are awarded an electronic credential verified through Badgr. For questions about an individual’s certification status, email info@strategicdoing.net.

Certification Competencies

Certified Strategic Doing Workshop Leaders are able to:

  • create and maintain a “safe space” in which participants can have a deep, focused conversation
  • work with a planning group to identify the topic for a conversation and how to present it as an opening for new opportunities
  • communicate expectations and ground rules both orally and in writing
  • manage a conversation: maintain “equity of voice” (all participants contribute equally), keep discussions on topic and within a stated time window, help participants listen to differing opinions respectfully, identify and articulate what a group is learning as they work together, respond effectively to non-constructive behavior
  • guide a group in identifying potential opportunities and choosing the most strategic alternative among those opportunities
  • create measurable outcomes by which a program or initiative should be evaluated
  • use “agile” principles of to help a group identify and carry out a “quick win” project as a starting point for a more complex initiative
  • develop and deliver a 10 to15-minute presentation with slides
  • create a “strategic action plan” document that reports on the work done to date and can be used to guide future work
  • “nudge” colleagues to complete tasks they agreed to
  • create a brief, compelling narrative that can be delivered orally and/or visually to attract new people and resources to an initiative

While the competencies are demonstrated within the context of a Strategic Doing workshop, all are transferrable to a wide range of settings.

Connect with the Strategic Doing Institute here with any questions related to certification.

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