Collaborative Innovation (MGMT 59000)

Innovation is a contact sport.

Course Description:

This course asks learners to view innovation through the lens of collaboration – as a phenomenon that occurs horizontally across boundaries. Learners will gain insights and skills to design and guide the conversations, platforms, and ecosystems that lead to shared-value innovation. The course brings together theories and insights from a variety of disciplines including management, psychology, and social science. Understanding how to design and guide collaborative innovation processes is a vital skillset and knowledgebase in the 21st Century economy, defined more by open networks than the rigid hierarchies of the past.  

Course Outcomes:

  • Recognize the elements needed for collaborative innovation 
  • Gain an understanding of scholarly underpinnings of collaborative innovation  
  • Apply an agile approach to achieving innovation outcomes. 


Morrison, E., Hutcheson, S., Nilsen, E., Fadden, J., & Franklin, N. (2019). Strategic Doing: Ten Skills for Agile Leadership. John Wiley & Sons.


Dr. Scott Hutcheson | Department of Technology Leadership & Innovation | Office: YONG 351| Phone: (765) 479-7704 (mobile) | | Office hours are by appointment or virtually (phone and email) on Monday evenings 7-9pm

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