Coming Soon: Once Upon an Ecosystem Podcast

The world probably doesn’t need another podcast but it does need more great stories and sometimes a podcast is the perfect way to tell one. I’m excited to be collaborating with Ed Morrison, Scott Dempwolf, Rosalina Perez, and Jen Edds to produce “Once Upon an Ecosystem” (working title).

The primary audience is a pretty niche group: individuals interested in both Ecosystem Building and Strategic Doing. We will be focusing on telling stories about how the principles of Strategic Doing can be used for transformational change in communities. The first two episodes will be focused on Entrepreneurial Ecosystems but the lessons learned will apply to any sort of strategic transformation of a complex system. Watch for the first episode in July. If you would like to be notified when the first episode is available, please complete the form below.

Once Upon an Ecosystem Podcast

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