ExecutionDNA helps organizations transform by aligning mission, vision, and strategy with action, outcomes, and impact. In other words, we help you get (strategic) stuff done!

The Problems Organizations Are Facing

Strategic planning is easy. Strategic doing is hard. 

  • Strategic direction gets set in the c-suite; but execution fails somewhere between there and the front line.  
  • Strategy gets articulated in documents and slide decks; but never makes it off the page (or screen).  
  • Technology solutions are implemented; but digital transformation falls short. 

 Why? Most of our organizations look much different than they once did; but many of the ways in which we develop and execute strategy doesn’t.  

Our Solutions

ExecutionDNA offers a set of proven solutions for strategy execution, designed specifically for the complex challenges and opportunities today’s organizations face.    

  1. The Execution Curve. Every organization, every unit, every team is at a specific place on their current “execution curve.” Knowing where you are gives you insights about what is likely to come next and helps inform your decisions about what to keep doing, what to stop doing, and when to “jump” to the next Execution Curve.
  2. Execution Analytics. Each of us has a specific way of thinking that determines how we contribute to strategic execution. Every team and organization has a unique “execution thumbprint.” Execution Analytics can help individuals, teams, and organizations better understand their capacity to execute, learn to capitalize on their execution strengths and mitigate their execution vulnerabilities. 
  3. Strategic Doing. Strategic Doing is an approach to strategic transformation that focuses on execution from day one. ExecutionDNA President and CEO Scott Hutcheson, along with a small group of colleagues, incubated the Strategic Doing  approach at Purdue University. It has been used by over 500 organizations across the US and internationally. ExecutionDNA uses the Strategic Doing practice to help execute your organization’s strategic transformation.

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