Liquid Culture: Shaping Organizational Culture with Ripples, Waves, and Flow

Unfreeze. Change. Refreeze. It was a useful metaphor for understanding organizational change when it was first introduced. We have German-American psychologist Kurt Lewin to thank for it. Lewin is known as one of the pioneers of social, organizational, and applied psychology in the United States. Lewin, however, likely never imagined a world like the one that exists today. Most of us don’t have time to “thaw out” our organization. Our organizations need to be in a constant state of adaptation. By the time we do our org change work and “refreeze,” our new shape is likely as absolute as our previous one.

Allow me to riff off of Lewin’s insights for a moment. What if we envisioned our organizations as permanently liquid? Over the last few months, we’ve been doing quite a bit work with leaders facing challenges related to #organizationalculture.

We’ve gathered a rich set of insights from these leaders and from the literature. The result is a set of findings and insights we’re calling “Liquid Culture.” We will be previewing these insights soon. If this is of interest, please use the form below to be notified when we are ready to release our findings.

Liquid Culture


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