Make a Bee-Line or Expect to Zig-Zag?

Provide us with a bit of information about the challenge you face or the opportunity you are hoping to realize and answer three simple questions. We will respond with our assessment and recommendations for the right tools and frameworks you will need.

Bee-Line or Zig-Zag?

Some challenges and opportunities require “bee-line” leadership, an eye on-the-prize, full-steam-ahead sort of approach. Solving the problem or seizing the opportunity may be complicated; but likely achievable given enough time and resources. For other challenges and opportunities, there may not be a straight line from where you are to where you are going. These situations require “zig-zag” leadership. Each approach requires a different set of tools and frameworks. Answer the three questions below to help determine which approach you need and the right tools and frameworks for the job.

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Quite ClearSomewhat ClearSomewhat UnclearUnclear
Very Well-TraveledSomewhat Well-TraveledSomewhat UntraveledUntraveled
Very LikelySomewhat LikelySomewhat UnlikelyUnlikely

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