Strategy Is a Team Sport

One of the theories embedded within our approach to strategy at the Purdue Agile Strategy Lab is the Law of Requisite Variety introduced by W. Ross Ashby. The idea is that a complex challenge (one with a lot of variety) requires a solution that is equally complex, a solution with a lot of variety. That’s why we focus on strategy “teams” not on individuals. No single person, or even organization, will have enough “variety” to design an adequate solution to a complex problem.

That’s also why we focus on diversity in teams, especially strategic diversity. Any team or organization attempting to start something, grow something, or transform something will need variety in the way they think and the way they experience the world. We have both a way to assess and evaluate the strategic diversity in teams and organizations as well as an agile strategy discipline to help them design and guide their strategy. Connect with us to learn more.

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