You need a strategy process that’s “just right.”

We’re convinced that one of the reasons so many leaders find our approach to strategy, Strategic Doing, so appealing is that it is, what we sometimes refer to as, “lightweight.” What we mean is that it isn’t a heavy process that will bog down you and your leadership team, in terms of your time and energy. Nor is it, as a process, nearly nonexistent because you’ve outsourced 99% of the work to an outside consultant.

Neither of these scenarios is usually very successful.

When we explain Strategic Doing to a new client, we clearly outline the expected level of effort required from those from the leadership team who will help in the design of the strategy. To do this, we use graphics like the one below.

If you are considering a strategic planning, organizational change, or some other sort of transformation effort, connect with us to learn about how Strategic Doing might be just right for you.

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