A Busy Start to 2021

What a busy and exciting time the first two months of the year has been. Here’s a little bit of what we’ve been up to.

We’ve launched both Strategic Doing Pilots and Strategic Doing Transformation Initiatives to help organizational and civic leaders tackle complex challenges like:

  • How do you design an entrepreneurial ecosystem within a large research university?
  • How do employers, in rural communities plagued by opioid misuse disorder, develop networks to support employees in recovery?
  • How does a small manufacturer get the “transformation” part right in “digital transformation?

One of the things we love about Strategic Doing is that it can be applied in so many different contexts. On the surface these might look like very different challenges. In some ways they are. In many other ways, however, they are similar. They are all complex challenges and demand strategies and solutions that are agile, collaborative, and experimental. Just what Strategic Doing delivers!

We’ve also been quite busy with the first cohort of our Strategic Doing Masterclass Practitioner and Certification Training. Our masterclass is limited to just eight people and our first one filled up quickly. We really like these smaller cohorts because they allow for a deeper dive into the content, and more time for discussion. Our next masterclass begins May 25nd. More about the May/June training can be found here

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