Energizing Behaviors

Some behaviors promote energy gains. Other behaviors result in energy drains. We’ve all experiences both scenarios, right? Some teams and organizations leave us mentally, and even physically, exhausted. Others, however, leave us feeling more energized. Here’s a good list of energizing behaviors.

  • Concern for others and interpersonal connections outside of organization-based roles
  • Standing for something larger than yourself
  • Cognitive and physical engagement in meetings and conversations
  • Using your own expertise appropriately.
  • Looking for possibilities, not just obstacles.
  • When disagreeing, focusing attention on the issue at hand rather than individuals.
  • Flexibility in your thinking
  • Doing what you say you are going to do.

Are you an energy taker or an energy giver? Do people walk away from you feeling drained or feeling like they’ve gained?

Adapted from Cross, R., Baker, W., & Parker, A. (2003). What creates energy in organizations?. MIT Sloan Management Review, 44 (4), 51.

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