Cognitive Thumbprint Analysis powered by AEM-Cube


A Cognitive Thumbprint Analysis will help you to:

  • Visualize your unique contributions to growth, innovation, and change
  • Better understand the stages of growth and innovation during which you contribute most
  • Clearly communicate your unique strategic contribution to others in performance reviews, resumes, and in other ways of expressing your value.


Did you know that you have a unique way of contributing to growth, innovation, and change?  At Hutcheson Associates we call this your cognitive thumbprint. This is different than what you do. It has more to do with how you think, how you address complex challenges, how you help your organization or your community achieve their strategic outcomes. Knowing what your cognitive thumbprint looks like can help you better understand your strategic value and communicate your value to others.

We’ve developed our Cognitive Thumbprint Analysis (CTA) to do just that. There are three steps to a CTA. First, you’ll complete the AEM-Cube online assessment. Then, you’ll get a customized report full of insights about your unique contributions to growth, innovation, and change. Third, you’ll gain access to a CTA Explainer Video that will help you understand and apply your results. Whether you are considering your next position or just want to be more effective in your current one, a Cognitive Thumbprint Analysis will provide you with valuable insights you can’t get anywhere else.

Once you check out, you’ll get an invitation to complete the 10-minute online assessment. Upon completion of the assessment, you’ll get it delivered directly to your email inbox along with instructions for accessing your CTA explainer video.