Promise-Based Management

How to you get people to move from talk to action? In our approach to strategic transformation we use series of short-term Strategic Action Plans to document the collection of action items people take on. Our methods are informed by promised-based management as described by Sull and Spinosa in a 2007 Harvard Business Review article. These commitments represent a dynamic network of promises to take action. The authors note that a GOOD promise is…

  • Public
  • Voluntary
  • Active
  • Specific

This is just one of the many evidence-based tools you’ll learn in our Strategic Doing Masterclass.

Adapted from: Sull, D. N., & Spinosa, C. (2007). Promise-based management. Harvard Business Review, 85(4), 79-86.

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  1. Bob Klein on May 7, 2021 at 9:16 am

    Your brief words above are full of things to think about, and especially how to promise in such turbulent and dynamic times when so much of the information you depend on to make promises is either missing or changing by the minute.

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