TechExec Presence: Making an Impression on Zoom

This 90-minute Zoom workshop is designed to be a valuable part of your onboarding program for new hires and professional development efforts for you existing workforce. This short but powerful learning experience will help your team make a lasting impression when meeting with prospective customers and working with current clients through Zoom and other video conferencing platforms. The program includes a workshop with four micro modules and individual follow-up coaching sessions.

Content Covered

  1. The Basics: This micro-module covers topics like lighting, camera positioning/framing, background, maintaining attention and engagement, and personal appearance.
  2. All the World’s a Stage (including Your Computer Screen): This micro-module helps participants learn how to engage others by making the best use of the computer screen’s “real estate.”
  3. Effective Gestures and Body Language for Video Communication: Body language and use of one’s hands while communicating via video conference is slightly different than when face-to-face with others. This micro-module will help participants learn effective ways to use their body to enhance their message.
  4. Vocal Techniques to Engage Others: In this micro-module, participants will learn to use variety on volume, pitch, pace, and timbre to make the words they speak seem confident, authentic, and conversational. 

The Workshop

This workshop provides evidence-based tips and techniques for improving communicating with clients and colleagues via Zoom or any other video conference platform. Participants should come prepared a personal introduction they might use on a sales call or in a project-launch meeting. They will then “workshop” their introductions, practicing the tips and techniques covered in the session. Although the workshop focuses on improving personal introductions, the skills they developed and the knowledge they gain will be applicable in any video communication.

Ongoing Coaching

Participants can schedule one 15-minute, one-on-one follow-up coaching session with the instructor. This should be scheduled after the participant has had a chance to use the tips and techniques in a few different work sessions with clients or new teammates. The purpose of this coaching session is to debrief and consider additional ways to improve.


Participants are provided with written and video materials that can be used as reminders and refreshers of the content covered in the workshop.

Lead Instructor

This program was designed Scott Hutcheson, PhD. Scott is a professor of organizational leadership at Purdue University in the Department of Technology Leadership & Innovation. He also is the founder of Hutcheson Associates. Scott works with both seasoned and emerging technology leaders as they guide their teams and organization toward growth, innovation, and increased competitive advantage.

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