Plan, Do. Plan, Do. Repeat as Needed: Our Approach to Strategic Planning (and Doing)

Hutcheson Associates (HA) has deep expertise in helping organizations and communities in the development of strategic plans, in building local capacity to guide the ongoing implementation of the plan – adapting the plan as needed. Our approach includes three phases: (1) Strategic Discovery, (2) Strategic Roadmapping, and (3) Strategic Doing. Strategic Discovery. The focus of…

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Promise-Based Management

How to you get people to move from talk to action? In our approach to strategic transformation we use series of short-term Strategic Action Plans to document the collection of action items people take on. Our methods are informed by promised-based management as described by Sull and Spinosa in a 2007 Harvard Business Review article.…

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Is Your Landscape Dancing?


Over the last few years, my colleagues and I have develop a new set of tools and insights designed to help leaders and their organizations to be more agile and adaptive. Like any start-up, in the early days, we were looking for business anywhere. We had a hammer and everything looked a whole lot like…

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We Don’t Care What It Says On Your Business Card

man holding out business card

Picture this scene. There’s a wicked problem that needs addressing and you’ve been invited to a meeting to consider a set of responses. As everyone gets settled, the organizer requests, “If you’ve brought business cards with you today, could you please get one out.” You reach for yours, noticing the sturdy feel of the cardstock…

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Thinking Sideways

close up of man's eyes looking to the left

We’ve been reading about the Extended Mind Theory, first introduced by philosopher Andy Clark and cognitive scientist David Chalmers. According to the theory, a person’s mind, and cognitive processing, are not limited to their head or even their body. The Extended Mind extends into the person’s world. For instance, Clark and Chalmer suggest the mind extends to objects.…

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Want Your Organization to be a “Virtuoso”​ Performer?

Yo-Yo Ma

At the Purdue Agile Strategy Lab we are working with virtuoso cellist Yo-Yo Ma; and doing so is helping us better understand agility. In fact, Yo-Yo has written the forward to our new book, Strategic Doing: Ten Skills for Agile Leadership (Wiley) available May 7, 2019. Part of what makes a great musician a…well…great musician, is their brain’s…

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Complex or Complicated?

Complex or complicated? Which term better describes what you and your community or organization is facing? Rocket science is complicated. Addressing the opioid crisis is complex. Reducing vehicle emissions by 10% is complicated. Addressing climate change is complex. Complex challenges demand new approaches to strategy and the science of collaboration becomes extremely important. That’s where…

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