Purdue Engineering Staff Leadership Academy

Here are some resources mentioned during our first session that may be of interest.

  • Design Your Framing Question Worksheet. Use this worksheet to design and refine the framing question you will use as a “call to conversation” when you are bringing together a group or team to work on a complex challenge.
  • Mistake of the Month Club. In this short video (4 minutes), I explain a promising practice for increasing psychological safety in a team or organization by celebrating mistakes and learning from them.
  • Strategic Doing Practitioner Training. You can learn more about the Strategic Doing Practitioner Training including the open-enrollment dates as well as how you can bring the training to your organization of community.
  • Virtuoso Performance: Getting from Band Camp to Carnegie Hall. Learn more about this keynote and how to book me as a speaker for a conference or event you are planning.

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