The AEM Cube

We live in a fast-changing world requiring both organizations and individuals to be agile. Thankfully, adapting to changing environments is part of human nature. People are also inherently curious and seek ways to grow, develop, and innovate. Each individual approaches change, growth, and innovation differently. How do you organize all these different perspectives successfully? The AEM-Cube shows how individuals naturally contribute to growth, change, and organizational agility. The instrument is based on over 20 years of research and helps individuals, teams, and organizations worldwide to identify their growth potential and connect this potential to strategic agility.

The AEM-Cube measures three important dimensions of growth, change and agility: Attachment, Exploration and Managing Complexity. These three dimensions combined, describe an individual’s natural and unique contribution to growth, change, and organizational agility. 

The AEM-Cube can also be administered to a team or an entire organization. These group assessments provide insights into team or organization’s strategic advantages, potential strategic vulnerabilities, and level of organizational agility expressed by a Strategic Agility Index TM score. Connect with us here to learn more about the AEM-Cube.

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